The alchemy of my life shows me that to love and create is most important, and I use all that I am to do this. Life’s mirrors inspire me. That is, not only do my skills and training as a visual artist go into my sculptures and paintings, but that which I do and feel each day also become part of my art. Likewise, my art career enriches the other activities I do, such as, teaching yoga and working as a shamanic practioner. Each time I discover a new avenue from which to create and love, both my art and life expand. I must create.  For the process of creating sustains and strengthens my life. Even more important and influential is that which comes from spirit. In order to bring spirit into my work I must completely devote myself to this co-creation. This takes clear intention and surrender. I do this because it feels wonderful, but also to be in service. I pray my art will bring about healing in our world. My creations are my prayers. Since 1997 sculpting stone has been my primary artistic process. To me, the stones are the ancient storytellers. They feel full of understanding and knowledge. The stones teach me about right relationship, how to listen and share from a deep place. I create from a space of love, ever-seeking to feel and free the truth. To celebrate this abundance I now teach seasonal art therapy workshops. My hope is to assist others to tap into their own deep reservoirs of creative energy and allow the flow.


Read a newspaper article about Heather called "Charmed by the Chisel: Stone carver Heather Gatto reveals internal beauty."