Eros speaks

This message came to me through a piece I had created, as I spent time listening.

As moons go, too many to speak of and suns circulation, well, lets say as far back as can be known by your measurements, I came into this form.  You see I am the coming together of so many, the pressure of energies passion, the blending of the unblendable, into the perfect expression of truth.  I sat still after this forming, peaceful presence perfectly connected to the OM of creation.  I say I but at that time I was a piece of beauty in a family compression, a mash of crystalline power rising up from the magma center.  From the sheer power of time we moved immeasurably slow up towards the heavens.  In complete harmony and obedience with the grand orchestra we journeyed, pressure rising up through the crisp, cool and flexible massage of the Grandmother Ocean.  We rose breathing the air feeling his transmutation upon our face. Until we sat with all the elements constantly preening us, changing us.  Together we danced.  For it may have appeared to your human eye that my family and I were still but to us we were in an ecstatic dance of constant creation.  To compare your dance to ours one hip would sway in the blink of your life.
    But the miracle is that in that infinitesimal moment of time that is your life, we met and shared an intimate moment of profound transformation.  Though let me come back to that.
   So during the time of mountain sway your peoples metal came upon our beauty and harvested.  Harvest I say because this is what we heard in the minds of those who performed this action.   But to us it was brutal, quick, harsh and exciting.  I am of the ancient.  I do not have your ego but I felt the separation from the mother and the dull thud of gravity as I was dropped into the metal bowl that moved.  In the time that was like an inhalation to me, I moved through hands of energy seeing so much of your kind.  I must admit I was confused by the choices away from the great dance of life, the grand conversation that for so long I believed all were involved in.
   Then I landed in your prayer.  Thank you, I say, for I had accepted my fate and once in your hands, I felt your heart, your desire to love me.  I felt the pulse and intention of another’s energy speaking to me in a language I understood.  I surrendered happily to your metal wand and to what moved it.  This was a fast and passionate dance but I felt safe in the embrace of the magnificence that moved through you.  I thank them. So quickly I got used to your loving eyes on me.  Though as soon as you removed me from the blue metal that moved and placed me to look out of the cave and into the sky, I felt a pull and knew that in but a brief moment my journey would draw me here, my new home.  I love it here.  The hearts and souls listen as they pass by.  I feel part of the universal dance in a new way.  One in which my voice creates a positive change in this rapid roller coaster existence of the earth now.  I bless you dear one and the love we shared.  Thank you for listening.