Ceremonies- Soul retrievals, House Blessings, Baby Blessings, Rites of Passage, Marriage, Funeral


Throughout time many different cultures of the world have recognised the great gift of the healing process we now call Soul Retrieval.  This process has the ability of reestablishing wholeness and setting one on the course of living a joyful life in peace and power.

In many of our lives there comes a time when we feel disconnected from self, not whole, separated from our joy, unable to fully access and fulfill our destiny.  At some point we may feel separated from the “soul” of our life. 

Soul loss usually happens from trauma and results in depression, illness, unwanted energy, and/or addiction.  When a part of our energy (soul) leaves, it creates a space that can be filled by another persons' energy. I completed a three year training program with my highly respected teacher Char Sundust to prepare me for this work.

The Process

After the environment has been fully purified and the sacred container set through prayer and sage, the client sets an intention and gives a brief history applicable to what has called him/her into this healing process.  With their support person near, the client lies down next to the practitioner.  The practitioner signals the drummer to begin the "heartbeat" so that she can enter the shamanic state of consciousness (a trance like state).  Then the practitioners’ allies and power animals, along with rattles, feathers and other shamanic tools remove any of the energy that is not serving the client.  The practitioner witnesses her allies journeying to other energetic realms to find and return the soul parts (energy) of the client.  Sometimes power animals and allies return with this energy and it is sealed within the clients’ body.  The client is then welcomed home into his/her whole self and given after-care instructions from Spirit.  Following the after-care is the most important part of the process because it helps complete the transformation. 

Sandra Ingerman article on soul retrieval: http://www.sandraingerman.com/soulretrieval.html

I am available for soul retrievals at my Port Townsend studio.  Please call 206-356-6067 to make an appointment.

Soul Retrieval $375


All things collect energy.  Houses and the land that they are on have the imprint of those who have lived there previously.  Therefore when moving into a new home it is blessing to have all previous energy removed and to consciously fill it with your love and intentions.  The land is alive and often has a message for its new stewards.  Aligning with this can be deeply grounding.  House blessings are one of the most involved and magical ceremonies and can take anywhere from three hours on ward depending on the size and situation.  Below is a list of what is needed:
  • An open heart
  • A small vegetarian meal to share with everyone who took part in the ceremony at the end of the ceremony.
  • You may invite household members and/or a friend or two as allies that support your highest good

There are several items that you will need to get (if you don't already have them) for the house blessing.

  • Fresh cut cedar- enough to place a small piece above every door, window and mirror. 
  • Is there a cedar tree on your land or near buy? 
  • tape 
  • scissors 
  • corn meal - enough to sprinkle a thin line around the perimeter of the property. 
  • One bag of tea lights, small glass bowls, fresh cut flowers- this is to put water, tea light and a flower in each glass bowl and place in each room so that in the end there is light in all parts of the home from this. 
  • A candle for the alter that will burn at least six hours 
  • Any personal items for the alter - symbols of what you would like to call in 
  • A give away for the practitioner and each person supporting the work.  These gifts can be bought, created, found or something you already have but they have to have heart and meaning for you. 
  • $400 for the service 

You may want to have some musical instruments out- like drum or rattle or bells for you and your children to play with during ceremony.  Also you may want some art materials out for your children to use during ceremony so that they would be amused to stay at the alter for the duration of the ceremony- which can take about two hours.
All food and liquids will need to be put away or covered during ceremony

House Blessings $400 plus travel expense