This type of mentoring helps one go present forward on thier souls path.  This process happens in a variety of ways.  Through listening, asking key questions, being a witness, holding you as able, creative problem solving and love I assist the client in moving through blocks, opening doors, finding and living thier life dream in a tangible way.  During this process I have one foot in the spirit world in order to be guided by spirits wisdom and one foot in this world in order to use my wisdom and life experience in helping you.  This differs from a psychic reading in that it asks the client to answer the questions and be empowered.  Where as, in a reading, the practitioner connects with spirit and downloads information to assist the client and then it is the clients responsibilty to apply this wisdom through action.  Mentorships can help one apply this wisdom in monthly or seasonal sessions.  During the sessions I use all my gifts and talents.  Therefore, I often use breathing techniques, yoga, sound, dance, journeying, shamanic excersises and most especially opening one to thier creativity through simple art excersizes. 

Through mentoring with my teacher I have fully stepped into the realisation of my life dream.  It brings me great joy and fulfillment to now be able to offer this similar gift to others.

Mentorship program per visit $125