About Heather

I have always felt spirit guiding me, loving-although seeing and speaking to spirit were not a part of the culture in which I grew up.  Somehow I kept that unconscious gateway to spirit open utilizing it in order to better navigate my life.  Later I received training that allowed me to consciously live with Spirits wisdom.

As I moved into my twenties, I dove into a decade of deep searching, both inwardly and outwardly.  I literally traveled the world trying on many “hats” and testing my guidance.  Inner guidance led me to a variety of sacred places where I met a number of spiritual beings.  I witnessed ceremonies, such as the Kalachakra Ceremony in Northern India with the Dalia Lama.

After many years of this searching, I realized I needed to integrate what I had found and to bring it into action.  Prayer opened me to my calling as a stone sculptor.  This conversation with the oldest beings, the stone people, has brought me deep fulfillment.  Creating with stone has lead me home.  It is a grounding force in my life.

When I was 31, I had a spontaneous epiphany to become a yoga instructor which was immediately answered with an offer to apprentice two local instructors.  Later, I realized how long my life had been preparing me for this and where it was taking me.  My studies and teaching experience of this ancient spiritual path prepared me to fully receive my Indian Guru, Amma, so that I could share spiritual guidance with others.

I met Amma when I turned 33 and three months later, I met my other teacher Char Sundust. With the great gift of these two beings guiding me, I now had the support to bring all that I had found in my life into beautiful service.  Each day my teachers continue to help me deepen and walk my path with love and integrity.

My path with Amma is one of devotion, and deepens my capacity to love and serve.  She is a teacher who guides me through my heart.  I trust my connection to her completely.  Through ritual, meditation, and satsang, I maintain my connection to Amma.  She is my divine Mother.

Char Sundust is my earthly teacher who guides me through tangible instruction on how to go about my life in the most good, true and beautiful way.  She teaches me how to use my great connection with Amma and my other Spirit guides to serve others in a way that benefits everyone.  She has also helped me plant myself into a truly blessed relationship with my husband Angelo and my daughter Satya.  

With deep gratitude I honor my life and bow at the feet of all those who have blessed me with their presence and made it possible for me to serve in such sacred and fulfilling ways.