Tools for the Journey





Make your own sacred tools in these one day seasonal workshops :

Winter - medicine bags

Spring - gourd rattles

Summer - Hide drum and rattle

Fall - power animal masks


Tools For the Journey


Power Animal Mask Making Workshop

Power animals can teach us about our own inner power
and how to connect with it.

   This two-day workshop begins with a journey that will help you find your power animal.  Then, we will offer support as you create a gauze paper mache mask of your face.  The next day you will create your three-dimensional power animal mask using recyclables, paper mache, and paint, along with various other materials.  Throughout the workshop you will learn how to honor your power animal and develop your relationship with it. 

With:  Heather and Angelo Gatto
When: November 2, 2018 from 6pm to 9pm and November 3, from 9am to 5pm
Where:  358 Thunder Road, Port Townsend, WA 98368
Cost:  $180 includes all supplies
Deposit:  $50 by November 22, 2017
Methods of payment: 
Write check to Heather Gatto, 358 Thunder Road, Port Townsend, WA 98368, PayPal, or pay in person
What to bring:  A sack lunch