Tools for the Journey


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Make your own sacred tools in these one day seasonal workshops :

Winter - medicine bags

Spring - rattles

Summer - drums

Fall - power animal masks


Tools For the Journey


Create Your Own
Gourd Rattle

   This is a full-day, creative ceremony in which we work intimately with the energies of gourds. Tree branches are used to make the rattle's handle, and contained within our sacred tool we will place the medicine of rocks, corn, beans, shells, or other rattle-filling options. You will also have options for embellishing it, such as painting, carving, or leaving your gourd in its original form. We will discuss different ways to integrate the use of your new rattle into your life.  Because rattles are humankind's imitation of rain, they can be used for purifying, protection, cleansing, soul retrieval, and assisting in visionary work. The energies of the materials used to create the rattle add to this sacred tool's blessing.

Instructors: Heather an Angelo Gatto

Cost:  $100 includes all supplies

Deposit:  Please register and pay $50 deposit by May 6th

When:  May 20th 10am to 5pm

Where:  358 Thunder Road, Port Townsend, WA 98368

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