Tools for the Journey




Make your own sacred tools in these one day seasonal workshops :

Winter - medicine bags

Spring - gourd rattles

Summer - Hide drum and rattle

Fall - power animal masks


Tools For the Journey



Create your own
NATIVE HOOP DRUM and Hide Rattle


Tools For The Journey presents
Summer 2018 Sacred Tool Workshop

Create your own

The drum is a representation of the heartbeat. The rattle is human kinds imitation of rain.  Both of these tools are used around the world for healing, journeying, empowerment, celebration, ceremony, cleansing, meditation ... the list goes on.  Join us as we guide you into your own special relationship with creating and connecting with these sacred tools. You will learn how to honor the animal; create with ceremony, song, and intention; and deepen the relationship with your drum and rattle once they are birthed.
  On the first day of the workshop we will make the drum in full.  We will also cut out, sow, and stuff the rattle and choose its handle.  The two week break will allow them to dry.  When we come together again, we will complete the rattle, attach it's handle, make beaters and birth the drum together.  There will be time at the end for additional learning around care and use of these sacred items.
Instructors: Heather and Angelo Gatto
When: August 25 & September 8, 2018 
9:30am until complete (approx. 5pm)
Where: 358 Thunder Road, Port Townsend, WA 98368
Cost: $300 (includes all supplies and instruction)
Deposit: $100 deposit due by August 11th to receive your supplies in time for the workshop
What to bring:
  A sack lunch
Methods of payment: 
1) Send check to Heather Gatto, 358 Thunder Road, Port Townsend, WA, 98368. 2) Use PayPal. 3) Pay in person.

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