Tools for the Journey


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Make your own sacred tools in these one day seasonal workshops :

Winter - medicine bags

Spring - rattles

Summer - drums

Fall - power animal masks


Tools For the Journey


Create Your Own
Medicine Bag

This is a day of creativity and ceremony. Our way of making the medicine bag comes from the Sundust Lineage.  At the end of this creative ceremony the power and energy will be sealed into the bag. This is not the type of medicine bag where you can switch out the contents.  Therefore, it helps to be thinking of what you want to have in your medicine bag and to bring those items with you. We will also do a journey during the workshop to discover exactly what will be included.  A variety of items will be provided for your use.
A medicine bag made in this way, simultaneously calls you back to your center and acts as a second skin offering strong protection.   It connects you to your spiritual power.

Creating strong energetic protection and a connection to your spiritual power 

Instructors: Heather an Angelo Gatto

Cost:  $110 includes all supplies and two days instruction

Deposit:  Please register and pay $50 deposit by February 10th

When:  February 17th  (9am to 5pm)

Where:  358 Thunder Road, Port Townsend, WA 98368

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