I feel practicing yoga involves more than just the asanas.  From an early age I was drawn to meditation and a yearning to feel god within. 

I love to teach.  It feels wonderful to be of service in this way, to share such an ancient practice, to feel a group of people relax and open, to hold space for such private vulnerability, to allow each person to have there own experience in a space of such endless possibility.

Although the asanas (poses) are primarily what we practice in class, the breath, meditation and the feel of spirit are always present.  When doing the yoga poses we can immediately feel the opening, centering, balancing and flow created within and without  The cleansing and empowering effects come as we continue.  This simultaneously helps open us to the present moment in a peaceful way.

People come to a yoga class for a variety of reasons.  The practice in and of itself meets us wherever we are.  The spirit of community brings a feeling of unity to each class.

I like to emphasize the importance of a daily home practice in order to receive deep and lasting benefits from yoga.  I teach Sun Salutation in every class so that each student can easily take it home. My classes also have a space held for pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, chanting or singing.

I look forward to sharing this ancient gift with you.