About the Yogini

Throughout my childhood I witnessed my father’s daily yoga practice, including meditation.  Some of my earliest memories were of my attempts to replicate my fathers' practice. As a young adult I began taking yoga and meditation classes and traveling through Asia.  At 25 I plunged into my yogic searching by taking the first of three trips to India.  The solo journey opened me to a deeper understanding of yoga. On this journey I began a daily meditation practice that continues to this day.  Then at 32, I had the honor of doing a year-long yoga apprenticeship with Lee and Brook Atwell (the owners of The Yoga Studio in Magnolia, Seattle).   Mid-way through this training I was blessed with the opportunity of teaching nine classes a week.  This full teaching schedule continued for many years.  Baba Hari Dass was the first yogi I had the opportunity of learning from here and in India.  One of his main precepts by which I live, is "teach to learn". When I turned 33 I met Mata Amrita Anandamayi Devi ( Amma) a true spiritual master, yogi and living saint.  Amma is my Guru and she is one of the greatest gifts of my life.  Amma is helping me understand yogas authentic path.